When should I purchase a trip insurance plan?

The sooner you purchase a trip protection style travel insurance plan, the more it can cover, as there are time-sensitive benefits that can be applied (ie coverage for pre-existing conditions, optional Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR) upgrade *if eligible). Plus, coverage isn't effective until the day after the policy purchase. 

To have access to the maximum coverage available, it is generally recommended to purchase a trip protection plan within 10 days of making your initial trip payment of any kind for this trip (ie flights, packages, tours...whichever is made first) AND prior to making your final major pre-trip purchase. 

Via our site, you can purchase a trip protection style plan up until 5 days prior to your departure (subject to change at any time). 

To view your state's policy certificate for specific details of coverage, click on the Sample Certificates link in the quote results page when you build a quote.


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