Wanderwell Ethical Marketing Policy

Wanderwell Ethical Marketing Policy


Statement of Policy

It is the policy of Wanderwell to always ensure that all marketing related to our products and services meets the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

This policy sets out marketing practices that align with socially and environmentally responsible business practices such as those followed by Certified B Corps.

Wanderwell will ensure that all marketing, both online and offline, will:

  • Honestly represent Wanderwell products and services, without intentionally misleading clients in any way
  • Follow best practices for permission-based email marketing by requiring a double opt-in where clients must confirm their email address and their wish to subscribe to the newsletter
  • Not share client’s email addresses without their express consent


This Policy is adopted so that Wanderwell may operate as a socially and environmentally responsible business with consideration of all of its impacts on stakeholders.


This policy shall apply to all marketing practices, including both online and offline, that Wanderwell may undertake to promote its products and services.


The CEO and/or the Marketing Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the policy will be followed.


Wanderwell will distribute this policy to all marketing staff, including part-time, full-time, and contractors. In cases where the policy is adopted after a contract worker has been hired, the policy will be shared with the contractor within 30 days of adoption.

Program Evaluation

This policy will be reviewed by the Wanderwell team collaboratively each year. Any changes must be approved by the manager. When the policy is adapted, the changes must be shared with active employees & contractors within 30 days of adoption.

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