Wanderwell Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Wanderwell Stakeholder Engagement Policy


Statement of Policy

It is the policy of Wanderwell to recognize that we impact our stakeholders and to solicit their feedback and input when making business decisions.

Wanderwell will:

  • Identify relevant stakeholders
  • Identify potential topics that may be relevant to them
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders via surveys, individual interviews, focus groups/meetings, or other means
  • Review and organize the feedback received
  • Develop an action plan that ensures that stakeholder feedback will be addressed and integrated into your business decisions
  • Implement the action plan and reevaluate it annually


This Policy is adopted so that Wanderwell may:

  • Operate as a socially and environmentally responsible business with consideration of all of its impacts on stakeholders
  • Make decisions that are informed by the needs and concerns of stakeholders
  • Ensure, to the extent possible, that its operations do not adversely affect any stakeholders
  • Maintain transparent and effective communications with its stakeholders


This policy shall apply to all of Wanderwell’s directors and employees.


The CEO will be responsible for ensuring that the policy will be followed.


The CEO will ensure that the stakeholder engagement plan is developed and then updated annually.

Program Evaluation

This policy will be reviewed by the CEO annually and updated as necessary.

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