I am the primary traveler. The secondary travelers are repaying me for their portion of the package. Do I insure the whole group?

If you are the primary traveler who purchased the package for others, consider the total individual trip costs, travel dates, and resident states of each traveler.

  • It is advised that each household purchases separately - as long as each traveler within the household has the same trip costs, the same travel dates, and live in the same state - in order to have separate fulfillment documents.
  • Within your group, if all of you traveling together have the same trip costs, the same travel dates, and live in the same state, you can purchase a policy together. However, there are no group discounts on the policy premiums.
  • If you each have different trip costs, different travel dates, and live in different states, you must purchase your own respective policies to cover your own nonrefundable trip costs.

*Make sure to keep good track of all of the trip payments that have been made and received to and from the secondary travelers. It's good to have digital and/or paper receipts or records on payment platforms (Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, AppleCash, Venmo) in case you and/or they have to file a claim and are asked to present receipts for payments. *Claims for trip payments made in cash to a person are often not paid.

(We are not the claims administrator, so we cannot make a judgement on potential or filed claims. See the policy certificate for specific coverage details.)

*Click here to read more How do I calculate my total nonrefundable trip costs for the travel insurance quote?

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