I'm experiencing a travel emergency. What can I do?

If you are having a medical emergency and/or you are a victim of a crime, first contact the local  authorities/emergency services.

If you have an active travel insurance policy purchased through Wanderwell and are currently abroad and seeking emergency travel assistance, please contact the 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance Services provider - On Call International - at one of the following numbers, based on the plan you purchased.

This info can also be found on your plan ID card, which is linked in your plan purchase confirmation email. See below for an example.

Wanderwell Voyage Wanderwell TripMed+
  • Toll-Free (in USA & Canada): 855-464-8974
  • Collect (outside USA & Canada): 603-328-1361
  • Toll-Free (in USA & Canada): 833-808-0232
  • Collect (outside USA & Canada): 978-651-1254

This is a sample document.


This is a sample document.


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