Is the cancellation of the event by the travel retailer a covered reason to file a claim for trip cancellation on my insurance policy?

There are MANY covered reasons for TripCancellation in these plans. However, if the travel retailer has canceled the event and your package, it is not a covered reason for a Trip Cancellation claim.

If the travel retailer is refunding the payments you made for your package, you would not be able to claim those funds anyway, as they are not forfeited funds.

You can access your policy certificates through the "Certificate" button next to your name listed in your travel insurance confirmation email, which was sent to you by our plan administrator - enrollments@trawickinternational.

Click on the following links to access the state-specific sample policy certificates.
The list of covered reasons for the Trip Cancellation benefit begins somewhere between Pg 9-13, depending on your state of residence.

Many airlines are being very flexible right now with issuing credits for future travel, and in some cases, refunds. We encourage you to check with your airline.

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