Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered in the Travel Insurance Plans from Wanderwell?

The inclusion of coverage for pre-existing conditions is a time-sensitive benefit related to the date of your initial trip payment of any kind.

Both trip protection style travel insurance plans can include coverage for pre-existing conditions if you purchase within the time-sensitive period, which varies depending upon the plan.

The Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver is included in the...

  • Wanderwell Voyage plan when the insurance policy is purchased within 21 days of the Initial Trip Deposit Date and prior to Final Pre-Departure Trip Payment
  • Wanderwell TripMed+ plan when the insurance policy prior to Final Pre-Departure Trip Payment.

The definition of Pre-Existing Condition can vary by plan. For more details, see your plan certificate (located in your confirmation email) or the sample certificate for your state, which are accessed [Wanderwell Voyage sample certificates | Wanderwell TripMed+ sample certificates].

To get a quote and to learn more about the Trip Protection style travel insurance policies, please visit - or through your travel planner's unique wanderwell link - and find the trip protection quotes.


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