Wanderwell's Impact Report (November 2023)




Impact Report

November 2023


About Wanderwell

Wanderwell is a travel insurance service provider committed to guiding travelers towards comprehensive, yet cost-effective coverage, giving customers and partners peace of mind in planning trips. Our key customer segments are individuals, families, and groups who are traveling for business or pleasure. Customers find us primarily through our Wanderwell Affiliate Partners - travel retailers, travel planners, insurance agencies, influencers, and more - most of whom are aligned with our values.

The Wanderwell website presents a self-service model that curates your travel insurance search with a seamless user experience that makes purchasing and understanding your travel insurance coverage a breeze. 

  • We offer less than a handful of comprehensive plans from reliable insurance carriers to simplify your search and offer options which appropriately cover you and your trips.
  • Easy access to dedicated customer service and claims assistance and advocacy.

Wanderwell was founded in 2015 and has been a 1% for the Planet Business Member since its inception. Wanderwell is a Registered Benefits Corporation in the State of Oregon, and in 2017 we became a Certified B Corporation. 

We are passionate about promotion and practice of environmental conservation. We pledge to donate 20% or more of annual profits - at minimum 1% of annual sales revenue - to established Environmental Partners of 1% for the Planet, focused on social impact and environmental stewardship, as well as to other nonprofits that promote sustainable, regenerative practices. 


B Corp Certification & Impact Report

  • The B Impact Assessment is a valuable tool that provides an ever-evolving framework that guides and challenges our company to be our best, be accountable, and have a positive impact on all of our stakeholders: our team, our community, our families, our customers, our partners, our suppliers and vendors, and the natural systems that we all affect and interact with. 
  • Access our public B Corporation profile here.



Highlights in 2023

  • Growing our Affiliate Partner Program by 25%
  • Becoming an insurance Plan Administrator, with the ability to design coverage, collect premiums, and make decisions directly with the insurance underwriters
  • Launched our first proprietary trip protection coverage plan - TripMed+


Governance achievements in 2023:

  • Brought on a new equity partner
  • Produced our first impact report 
  • Established an Advisory Board


Workers achievements in 2023:

  • Providing employee training for Systems, DEI, Environmental action 
  • Improving our employee review process


Community achievements in 2023:

  • Implementing a community service policy
  • Increasing our charitable giving
  • Moving into a values-based co-working space with other B Corps and nonprofits


Environment achievements in 2023:

  • Calculated our carbon footprint - Estimated total emissions = 25.5 tonnes of CO2e in 2022
    • Scope 1 - Gas = 0 tonnes of CO2e
    • Scope 2 - Electricity = 0.165 tonnes of CO2e
    • Scope 3 - Business Travel = 9.11 tonnes of CO2e
    • Scope 3 - Purchased goods & services = 16.2 tonnes of CO2e
  • Purchased Carbon Offsets to move closer to Net Zero
    • Offset Scopes 1 & 2 - Tradewater Carbon Offset × 3000000
  • Half of our team avoids commuting by car


Customers achievements in 2023:

  • Improving customer feedback channels
  • Strengthening customer privacy protections


Goals for 2024:

  • Grow team 50%+ and diversify team to better represent our communities and customers
  • Growing our Affiliate Partner Program by 50%+
  • Improving our DEI practices and training
  • Launch 3 more proprietary coverages that meet the needs of modern travelers
  • Begin building travel insurance claims fund invested only in non-polluting, non-violent, non-oppressive, regenerative industries
  • Each team member volunteers 10 hours
  • Double our charitable giving and collect data on its impacts
    • $20,000+ donated in 2022 & 2023 combined



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