Nationwide Plans Position Statements on Israel & Palestine


Nationwide (the carrier who underwrites the plans we offer and represent) has requested that all partners (including Wanderwell) discontinue the sale of all travel insurance policies with Israel or Palestine as a destination, effective immediately. 

Until further notice, policies purchased after October 7, 2023 will not be eligible for Benefits stemming from this event. We have received similar notice from other carriers and plans that we represent, so it seems to be representative of the industry.

For policies purchased prior to October 6...Nationwide’s current position is that this situation is considered a terrorist incident. This most notably impacts insured travelers who were bound for travel in the near future, as an Unforeseen Terrorist Incident is a listed covered peril in the policy.

For those insured travelers who were scheduled to depart for trips to the Israel & Palestine region soon, we are working to guide them through submitting claims.

Know that we will continue to monitor the situation with our underwriters and plan administrators, and we will update our advice as needed. We encourage affected policyholders to contact us for assistance at Additionally, while all changes to travel plans may not be eligible for reimbursement, our team is available to facilitate making any necessary changes to your current scheduled travel arrangements.

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