Safe Travels Outbound - post-departure (travel medical) style plan

The Safe Travels Outbound is a "post-departure only" style plan designed for those who are looking for the highest available benefit limits to protect you after you have your trip.

The Safe Travels Outbound is a very comprehensive post-departure travel insurance plan that includes: Primary Medical Expense benefit, Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit, and even some limited coverage for Trip interruption and Baggage & Personal Effects, as well. It includes the Trip Delay benefit of $2,000 that covers accommodations and lodging due to quarantine.  

*This plan does not include Trip Cancellation coverage, but it does include Trip Interruption coverage limited to the return flight only.


the Safe Travels Outbound post-departure (travel medical) plan

Frequently Asked Questions...

Find all the information about the coverage and plans we offer, along with resources to help you research and find assistance while traveling.

This is a living, evolving document that gets updated often to be up-to-date. After reading through this page, if you still have questions, click here to submit a support request and a member of our Support Team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Plan Details - Safe Travels Outbound 
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Travel Medical Expenses
  • Valid for US Residents and US Citizens
  • Up to $500,000 in Emergency Medical Coverage 
  • $500,000 of Emergency Evacuation Coverage
  • Primary Medical Coverage
  • COVID-19 treated the same as any other sickness for a sickness-related loss. 
  • Baggage Coverage $1,000 | Per Article Limit $250 | Combined Article (see list) $500
  • Baggage Delay $200 (24 hours or more)
  • Trip Delay benefit includes minimum coverage of $2,000 for potential accommodations/lodging expenses
  • Optional Travel Delay Increases up to $7,000
  • Optional upgrades for additional coverage for Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • link to brochure | link to sample policy certificates

The Safe Travels Outbound plan is Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Administered by Trawick International


How do I build quotes for and purchase the Safe Travels Outbound plan?
Click here to build a quote and purchase the Safe Travels Outbound - post-departure (travel medical) style plan through our agency site.


After reading through all of this, I still need some assistance. How can I contact Wanderwell?

After reading through all of the FAQ, if you still have questions and need assistance, we are happy to help.

We do not have a call center for Sales, but we are quite swift in replying to emails and then scheduling calls so we can have a dedicated focused conversation with you.

Please CLICK HERE to complete our Contact form and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly. Make sure to include your questions when completing the form.

There is conflict in Eastern Europe. Will I be covered if I travel in Ukraine, Russa, or Belarus?

At this time, there is no coverage in Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia.

Do these plans cover claims related to COVID-19?

These plans treat COVID-19 the same as any other sickness for any sickness related losses while you are covered. *Please review your specific plan for the details and limits of such coverage. 

How is Trip Delay covered?

There is a Trip Delay benefit  to reimburse for Covered Trip Delay Expenses if you are delayed, while coverage is in effect, en route to or from the Trip for twelve (12) or more hours due to a defined Hazard (refer to your sample certificate - linked here and above - for a list of defined Hazards)

  • For COVID-19 quarantine - The Trip Delay benefit includes for accommodations and lodging due to quarantine if the insured traveler tests positive for COVID-19 and is unable to return home on the intended flight due to being in quarantine. 
Who is eligible to purchase a post-departure (travel medical) plan through Wanderwell?
An Eligible Participant:
  • Home Country is the U.S.
  • Is traveling outside the U.S. or is traveling away from his/her home and is scheduled to spend at least 24 hours away from his/her home
  • For children under age 6, must be enrolled with a parent
  • Initial purchase must be made in the USA prior to departing on trip.
Who is covered by my travel insurance policy?

Your travel insurance policy is designed to cover only people who are named insured in your plan documents - plan purchase confirmation, certificates, ID cards, Visa letters (named in the plan). Family members and/or travel companions are not covered unless they are named in your plan documents. 

I'm currently traveling and experiencing a travel emergency. What can I do?

If you are having a medical emergency and/or you are a victim of a crime, first contact the local  authorities/emergency services.

If you have an active travel insurance policy purchased through Wanderwell and are currently abroad and seeking emergency travel assistance, please contact the 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance Services provider - On Call International - at one of the following numbers.

  • TOLL-FREE (within the USA & Canada): 855-464-8974
  • COLLECT (outside of the USA & Canada): 603-328-1361

This info can also be found on your plan ID card, which is linked in your plan purchase confirmation email. See below for an example.

This is a sample document.


Can Wanderwell assist me in filing a claim?
Note that Wanderwell is not the claims administrator, so we cannot audit or make a judgment on your claim. However, we can help to set proper expectations of coverage, as well as assist you with filing a claim. Please click here to access our Claims Support Center page for helpful instructions and resources.
How do I check on the status of a claim?
To check on the status of a claim, you can do any or all of the following:
  • Call the claims administrator, CBP/Nationwide Claims, directly at 727-725-7522. Their wait times have been long recently due to the global situations impacting travel. It is best to call right at 8:30am Eastern Time on weekdays.
  • You can send them an email to and CC us at
What can I do to streamline the claims process?

To help the claims administrator audit and process your claim most effectively and efficiently, please  take time to gather all the requested claims forms and supporting documentation and information prior to submitting your claim. Please click here to access our Claims Support Center page for helpful instructions and resources.


What is a pre-existing medical condition?
As the definition of pre-existing medical condition can vary based on the state the plan is filed in, please refer to your policy certificate or the sample policy certificate for the plan for the specific definition.

The generic definition in most of the filed plans that we represent is...

Pre-Existing Condition means an illness, disease, or other condition during the ninety (90) day period immediately prior to the Effective Date of Your Policy for which You, Your Traveling Companion, or a Family Member booked to travel with You:

  1. exhibited symptoms that would have caused a typical person to seek care or treatment; or
  2. received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment; or
  3. took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.

*Item (3) of this definition does not apply to a condition that is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the ninety (90) day period before the Effective Date of Your Policy.


Do travel protection plans cover pregnancy?

These travel protection plans do not cover losses resulting from normal pregnancy or childbirth. See the policy certificate for specific coverages, limitations, and exclusions.

Although normal pregnancy and childbirth are not listed as covered reasons for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, unforeseen Complications of Pregnancy may be a covered reason for trip cancellation or trip interruption. See the policy certificate or sample policy certificate for lists of conditions considered Complications of Pregnancy.


Does my health insurance cover me overseas?

Before traveling outside of the USA, we encourage you to inquire with your health insurance provider about whether or not your coverage travels with you. Medicare generally does not offer coverage abroad unless you have the appropriate Medicare supplement (see our blog post about this), and hospitals in other countries may require cash payments up front, for which you can file a claim for reimbursement.

Additionally, your health insurance company might not cover a medical evacuation deemed as medically necessary. Refer to this U.S. Department of State travel resources page for an explanation.

Having a comprehensive travel insurance plan with coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical transportation benefits can be extremely helpful and provide an added sense of peace and security for your trip.

My travel plans have changed (dates of travel, trip costs). How can I change my plan coverage to reflect my updated trip details?

Our Support Team can help to you change your change your plan coverage to reflect your updated trip details as long as you have not already departed on your trip or filed a claim.

Please click here to submit a contact request with our Support Team, or email us at and include “Date Change Request” and your Certificate number in the subject line of the email. Please include your plan number on all documents. 

This info can be found in your plan purchase confirmation and on your plan ID card, which is linked in your plan purchase confirmation email. See below for an example.

*Note that if your insured trip cost or travel dates change, you may be required to pay additional plan cost to your travel protection plan - which you can authorize with our Support Team.

*If your trip is extended due to a covered travel delay, trip interruption, medical emergency or another covered reason, you will not be required to request a change to your coverage dates. The plan will extend your coverage effective period until either the date you are able to return home, to your point of origin, or until you arrive at a medical facility for further treatment or care following a medical repatriation or trip interruption.


This is a sample document.


How do I cancel the plan I purchased?

For a full refund of your plan cost for a Trip Protection style plan, you must cancel within 10 days of your plan purchase (depending on your state of residence) - day 1 of 10 being the date you made your plan purchase - and must not have filed a claim or departed on your trip. Plan costs are non-refundable after this period. *Plan costs for Post-Departure only style plans do not have a review period.

Please email our Support Team at and include “Cancel My Plan” and your Certificate number in the subject line of the email. Please include your plan number on all documents.

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