How is Trip Interruption covered?

In a trip protection style travel insurance plan, the Trip Interruption benefit is designed to reimburse you for insured, forfeited trip costs should you interrupt your trip after your departure or if you join your trip after your Scheduled Departure Date due to any of the Unforeseen reasons listed in the policy certificate. Most notable reasons are...Unforeseen sickness, injury, or death to the insured traveler, a traveling companion, and/or a family member not traveling, unforecasted inclement weather, and many more.

Some reasons that may not be covered for Trip Cancellation are...fear of traveling, border closures and travel bans due to the pandemic, any act of war (declared or not), pregnancy and childbirth (except for Complications of Pregnancy, as defined in the policy) except if Hospitalized, and more.

Policy language, benefits, and limitations & exclusions can vary depending on your resident state. *Refer to the policy certificate linked in your purchase confirmation or in the sample certificate linked in the quote results page.

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