How is Trip Delay covered?

The plans include a Trip Delay benefit. The trip protection style plan has a minimum of $4,000 ($300/day) - and the post-departure only (travel medical) style plan has a minimum of $2,000 ($150/day) - to reimburse for Covered Trip Delay Expenses if you are delayed, while coverage is in effect, en route to or from the Trip for six (6) or more hours due to a defined Hazard (refer to your sample certificate - linked here and above - for a list of defined Hazards)
  • For COVID-19 quarantine - The Trip Delay benefit includes for accommodations and lodging due to quarantine if the insured traveler tests positive for COVID-19 and is unable to return home on the intended flight due to being in quarantine. 
  • It is possible for the Trip Delay benefit to be combined with the Trip Interruption benefit.

Policy language, benefits, and limitations & exclusions can vary depending on your resident state. Refer to the policy certificate for your state -click here.


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